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For more than 10 years, we have produced medical translation projects for the major names in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. From German translations of confidential information to medical press releases in other European languages, our German translations team along with the other European ones have the expertise to help your company and/or your internal language or translator teams. And not only with German translations!
With the following companies for
their German translation of documentation and  into other European languages, 7A7 Medical Translation have produced more than one million times the content of the weekly journal of science, Nature!


We have passed all our medical German translations to 7A7 Medical Translation, along with other translations which included Dutch, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. We are absolutely satisfied with their accuracy, competence, flexibility, quality and professionalism
Samantha Müller, Localisation Project Manager, Bayer

“Because 7A7 Medical Translation work 24 hours a day, I stopped stressing on weekends if the German translations will be ready for Monday morning delivery. Thanks to 7A7, we have a straight process with our medical big data translation. And their German translations team matches perfection!”
Chris Perry, Language Services Procurement Manager, J&J
“I will always remember when I gave my first project to 7A7 Medical Translation! We had a major deadline with a medical German translation along with another extra 8 languages and we had received poor work from our regular translation agency. I just came across 7A7 Medical Translation thanks to a friend working for the NHS. Within minutes, I felt so relieved: everything sounded fine and went fine! I had a good quote with an excellent turnaround for the medical German translation documentation and the other 8 languages due within 48 hours! I felt so happy when our internal German translation teams voted to have 7A7 Medical Translation as our unique translation documentation supplier!
Cristiano de Cardozo, Language Strategy Projects Director


"I had a good quote with
an excellent turnaround. Our medical translation documents in 16 languages due within 48 hours were produced to perfection! 


Cristiano de Cardozo
Project Manager

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