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Laurent Paris and Tony Medeiros set up 7A7 Medical Translations LTD more than 10 years ago back in 2004 to answer the medical translation needs (and the German translations more generally) of the major pharmaceutical companies. Since then, 7A7 Medical Translation LTD is working as an independent translation company under the umbrella of 7A7 London LTD. The medical German translations team is the largest in the company.

Laurent Paris, 47 French/German
Medical professional, likes surfing

Laurent Paris started his medical career as a physiotherapist in France before settling down in London (with such a surname as Paris, we all still wondering why!). He was a Lecturer in the medical field before switching to medical translation and checking and editing German translations for multi-nationals. He is working as a consultant for several pharmaceutical companies and he holds a Master Degree in German Translation studies.

Tony M. Lima, French
Studied one year medecine,
likes vulcanoes

Tony Medeiros-Lima has several arrows on his bow. A former Economist, Geomorphologist, French Lecturer and trainee nurse, his natural career path has landed him at 7A7 Medical Translation.

"When I started at 7A7 Medical Translations, I didn't know that my work would be so exciting on a daily basis. it is simply great!"

Sergio F. Gonçalves
Studio Night Manager

7A7 translators on Along Bay, Vietnam

Dedicated to our in-house personnel and at large contributors...
Erik, John, Tony on a boat @ Along Bay, Vietnam, 2012. For once they had a moment to forget about German medical translations, IFUs and other medical translations!:-)


"I had a good quote with
an excellent turnaround. Our medical translation documents in 16 languages due within 48 hours were produced to perfection! 


Cristiano de Cardozo
Project Manager

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