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21June14-0909 BST

And this is summer time! So let's try to have a restive moment and see what the medical translation news give us over the past week here at 7A7 medical translation.


First of all, we have a great piece of translation which landed on us on Monday16June.

The subject was about the effects of fasting for a couple of days. And o dear! What happens then when you stop eating your favourites snacks, croissants, pasta and so on, well, well, well well, I don;t know how it sounds with our German translation but  you know what?

I was flabbergasted by the discovery of the survey stating that fasting for a couple of days makes your immune system regenerates. Of course it is too soon to say that the findings can be applied to the majority of the population. But it is notwithstanding amazing.

The article was then published by the BBC. 


We had another project about the size of the penis to put in 24 different languages for another medical translation project but this was another pair of chromosomes, if I can say! Until next one, let's keep happy with our German translations!


28June14-0909 BST

To come>>


"I had a good quote with
an excellent turnaround. Our medical translation documents in 16 languages due within 48 hours were produced to perfection! 


Cristiano de Cardozo
Project Manager

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